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Curious about Music Lessons?

Needlepoint Music is a fully-online, private music education service for musicians of all ages and skill levels. With lessons taught by a professional musician and musicologist, Needlepoint Music offers guided musical studies on a variety of instruments and topics.

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Melody M.

“Simon is a patient instructor with young children. He emphasizes that music is more about exploration and not necessarily a destination. After trying a number of different instructors, I have finally found an instructor and platform which produces consistent results for my daughter. To my surprise, on-line lessons have worked worked beautifully with a laptop and simple web camera."

Billy H.

"Simon is an incredible teacher and an even more amazing human. Great instruction for our entire family (ages 6 to old), amazing 'bedside manner' mixed with the right amount of accountability. Simon has become a weekly staple in our home and we couldn't be happier."

Marcy B.

“Simon is incredible! He has been giving my older son guitar lessons & my younger son piano lessons. He is very talented and a wonderful instructor. I can’t say enough good things about him. I highly, highly recommend him!”

Robert G.

“I am an horrible compulsive and analytical overthinker, and I really like the way that Simon puts things into perspective compared to other sources of information and lessons found on the internet. He has a good personality and has a good energy that really helps you connect with what you are doing. I would FOR SURE recommend him!”

Emily S.

“Simon is fantastic to work with. He meets you where you are and makes guitar fun. He challenges you and is knowledgable, patient, and versatile. I highly recommend him!"
Street lights in winter_edited.jpg
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